From the reviews for THE END OF EDEN 

5 Stars. "I absolutely loved this book. Beautifully written, intriguing characters, and a good story.”

5 Stars. "...highly imaginative, emotionally gripping, its images still haunt me."

5 Stars. "A Gripping Page-Turner !!!"

5 Stars. "...interesting characters and constant twists and turns. Can't wait for the sequel."

5 Stars. "I could not stop reading this. I feel a bit like I lost something special now that I have finished it."

From the reviews for THE FIVE TUNNELS

5 Stars. "This is a smart, engaging adventure in a post-apocalyptic near-future." 

5 Stars. "Even more enjoyable than the first volume. I can't wait for the third in the series."

5 Stars. "It drew me in immediately and I read the entire book IN ONE SITTING - I could not tear myself away."

4 Stars. "Like ‘Wool’ this book develops characters that you'll want to hear more about. Buy it, read it, enjoy. Thanks H.S."

From the reviews for THE BATTLE FOR NORMAL

5 Stars. "St.Ours does it again! Always hard to put his stories down! I start to linger as I get close to the end as I hate to finish. I hope we will get more soon!" 

5 Stars. "Fantastic! Mr. St. Ours understands his audience and is an exceptional science fiction writer! I've appreciated all of his works and so has my son. Thank you!"

4 Stars. "A very enjoyable book. I have to say that I am really enjoying this series. I really liked the storyline which made it hard for me to put down. Thank you so much to H.S. St.Ours.”

From the reviews for THE CITY OF MIE

N: Fantastic! I got goosebumps, great work!

H: Wow, absolutely incredible detail. This is almost exactly how I'd picture humanity on Mars. I'm speechless.

P: As always, enraptured by how perfectly the threads of the stories are woven in this series -- just beautifully told through some of the best young adult characterizations I have read. I never want this series to end.

C: Yay book 4. So glad it’s here. Another great read, thank you.

hope, where Sami seeks answers to the voices only she can hear and uncovers a mystery that spans planets, while, in THE BATTLE FOR NORMAL Sami’s friend Simma attempts to survive the worst a dystopian civilization can throw at her. In book 4, THE CITY OF MIE an ancient prophecy of destruction comes to Gen in haunting visions, and now it's up to her to warn Mars and and maybe even save worlds.

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WATER WORLDS is a saga of the terraforming of the planets of the Inner Solar System as seen through the eyes of generations of young women. In book 1, THE END OF EDEN, we hear from Young Moon, a talented and extraordinary girl who only wanted to be left alone to talk to the visions in her drawings -- visions that came to warn her of impending danger. Book 2, THE FIVE TUNNELS, is an adventure of courage and