Gen was angry and she knew it. Angry about her overprotective parents, angry about the way she was teased about her height, and angry about the dirt and grime that infested every corner of Mars.

But soon, she'd be on rotations. Too few went Outside on purpose anymore, just to shiver against the icy cold or feel the pressure in the slowly thickening air. But an ancient prophecy of destruction came to her in haunting visions, and now it's up to Gen to warn them all - and maybe even save worlds.

Gen is Harry Potter without the magic, but with hard science and strong, smart women characters. And Mars!

It’s Hunger Games without bows and arrows, but with graphene masks and syntel implants.

It’s The Martian but for young adults and the young at heart and takes place in the year 2210 on a Mars so familiar you'd think you'd lived there all your life.

And did I mention cannibals?

If so, I’ve said too much.


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© 2017 H.S.St.Ours

From the Wattpad beta readers comments:

N: Fantastic! I got goosebumps, great work!

H: Wow, absolutely incredible detail. This is almost exactly how I'd picture humanity on Mars. I'm speechless.

P: As always, enraptured by how perfectly the threads of the stories are woven in this series -- just beautifully told through some of the best young adult characterizations I have read. I never want this series to end.

C: Yay book 4. So glad it’s here. Another great read, thank you.

F: Thank you for a most interesting story. I’ve been following your gals from the start. Your stories are well written and just plain fun to read.