Simma was sure she'd never see Sami again. Sef or Glyn, either. She'd left Sami standing in the middle of the street in First Right nearly a year ago, and the boys had vanished without a trace long before that, or were chased from the tunnel by the Judge.

Living under the water in tunnel Tee Two, with her mom and her mom’s boyfriend, Namid, frightened Simma no end. Any moment, she felt, the walls would split and the whole of the mile-wide river would rush in and drown her. Namid said she'd outgrow it but she was nearly sixteen and this feeling of dread only deepened in her.

Then Sami came, as if in a dream, and told her to run! Through a catastrophe brought on by the sabotage of the hated Judge Trapmann, Simma falls in with a crowd of survivors bent on revenge against his cannibal army.

She liked a good fight, especially when it meant bringing down a bully, but Sami told her to push on. It was up to Simma to warn the Twelve Towns. War was coming and worlds were at stake!

From the reviews:

5 Stars. "St.Ours does it again! Always hard to put his stories down! I start to linger as I get close to the end as I hate to finish. I hope we will get more soon!" 

5 Stars. "Fantastic! Mr. St. Ours understands his audience and is an exceptional science fiction writer! I've appreciated all of his works and so has my son. Thank you!"

4 Stars. "A very enjoyable book. I have to say that I am really enjoying this series. I really liked the storyline which made it hard for me to put down. Thank you so much to H.S. St.Ours.”

4 Stars. “Great 3rd volume in the series. The story is getting more involved, more interesting, and simpler in a good way. Can't wait to continue the series.”

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