Growing up in North Korea, in the days before her Father destroyed the world, Young Moon was happy. At least she thought she was, but that was so long ago and she was so very young.

Her Father would grow excited when he told her impossible tales of the Great Neighbor, China, with dozens of astronauts in orbit and on the Moon. There was a small base on Mars, too, being built by robots, and even bigger stations -- the ring cities -- were planned.

Young Moon used to get uncomfortable and wished he would lower his voice. Their walls were thin in Wonsan and school taught her that this kind of talk was treason. Teacher said the Dear Leader would know if you didn’t pay proper respect to the glories of the Homeland, and he could get very cross with you if he found out. Every screen was two-way and you never knew if someone was watching.

All she wanted was to be left alone to talk to the visions in her drawings -- visions that came to warn her of impending danger. But a chance word spoken by an angry classmate would force Young Moon's family to flee North Korea for China, where she would witness her father set in motion a world-shaking disaster of epic proportions.

From the reviews:

5 Stars. "Gripping....could not put it down!"

5 Stars. "...highly imaginative, emotionally gripping, its images still haunt me."

5 Stars. "A Gripping Page-Turner!!!"

5 Stars. "...interesting characters and constant twists and turns."

5 Stars. "I can't wait to read more from this author."

5 Stars. "Do yourself a favor, and buy this book."

5 Stars. "Beautifully written, intriguing characters, and a good story.”

5 Stars. "I feel a bit like I lost something special now that I have finished it."

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